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KIRA ballet flats are:

✓ 100% vegan  ✓ made from recycled materials    

✓ fair pay and work conditions  ✓ manufactured in EU 

✓ eco certificates - materials & production

introducing KIRA 1.0

✓ from recycled cotton & tires

✓ ultra light, ergonomic design

✓ timeless comfort

we give new life to leftovers

95% of textiles can be recycled. every year, our old textiles are thrown away, even though almost all of them can be recycled

no flashy logos, no frills – kiras are designed to exude timeless elegance that will never go out of style

pre-order KIRA - ready within 14 days or less

we don’t want to overproduce. this is why we only keep minimum inventory, and the following models are pre-order only. To thank you for a little longer delivery time, the pre-order ballerinas are always -20%. 

KIRA black

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