KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers
KIRA sneakers

KIRA sneakers

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Limited edition of KIRA sneakers are in production. The world first KIRA sneakers will be ready just before Midsummer Day. Orders are taken now. 

KIRA sneakers are:
comfort fit from day 1
✓ no blisters
✓ no sweat
✓ durable - produced in a factory that has a long history of manufacturing high quality military and trekking boots
✓ vegan - all our materials are free from animal products
✓ perfect for capsule wardrobe - KIRA timeless sneakers finds a fit with
different outfits in your closet, will take you from late spring to early autumn, from the
office to the garden party

KIRA sneakers are manufactured responsibly in Estonia, following higher quality standards.

Classic looking sneakers with a round nose are made from recycled materials.

✓ outsole: recycled tire from Estonia - NEW!

✓ insole: Arneplant Eco - breathable, antibacterial, washable, shockbroof, recycled

✓ external : imitation leather textile STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label

✓ lining: Coolmax - durable, soft to the skin, breathable, prevents the foot from sweating

✓ heel and nose counter: recycled plastic collected from the sea

KIRA packaging is made of recycled waste paper.

Maintenance: clean with a damp cloth, avoid washing in the washing machine. The insoles are machine washable with a hand wash program.

Returns and exchanges are accepted 30 days after the purchase, if there are no traces of use.

NB! KIRA’s environmental friendliness is supported by well-thought out and
necessary purchase for the wearer ♡