Project overview

Enterprise Estonia co-financed Naturewear OÜ's project with innovation share in order to find the best innovative alternative for traditional leather. 

Project period

15.09.2020- 15.02.2021


There are a wide selection of innovative green line materials that are ecological and manufactured sustainably. Our project purpose was to find the best innovative material that is suitable for making combat boots. The aim was to find a material which is durable, breathable and water repellent. 


During the tests, we compared new innovative materials with those already tested and widely used, in order to analyze the best alternatives to those currently in use. In the laboratory we were able to test the tear strength, water resistance and abrasion strength. As a result of the project, we found 2-3 materials that meet expectations, which can be used in the future.



Estonian Academy of Arts, Samelin AS, Riina Õun (MA - Material Futures at Central Saint Martins)