project reborn

it’s not enough to have an ethical product if it ends up in a landfill anyway – we took it one step further.
once your kiras get old, send them back to us:

we will fix the shoes up again and donate them to a charity

if the shoes cannot be saved, they are converted into energy

enjoy the perks

✓ live a waste-free life 

✓ save the environment

✓ empower someone in need

✓ get 10% off from your next pair


circular economy is the only way forward
the goal of project reborn to design out waste and pollution by keeping products and materials in use – help us save natural resources by sending your old kiras back

your returns are carbon neutral 
we are offsetting all carbon emissions from your shipment – the money is used in projects combating climate change by planting trees and generating renewable energy

join project reborn:
  • send your old kiras to: Naturewear OÜ, Tartu mnt 56-9, Tallinn, 10115, Estonia with a note “project reborn” 

  • email us at sales@kirashoes with your contact info and parcel tracking code 
    • we'll tell you what an amazing person you are and give you a 10% discount for your new pair  

    good things come to those who walk