KIRA is a sustainable footwear company in Tartu, Estonia. Our shoes and boots are light, soft, cruelty-free and made of recycled materials. 

Our name comes from the gaelic word ciar meaning black – just like our flagship model. Created like an ever so confident fashion icon, she glides through streets inspiring simplicity and timeless beauty. 
As a company, we deeply respect nature with all its living beings.
We celebrate minimalism because you can say so much with so little. 
And we partner up with amazing women to make each other’s dreams come true.

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Fair conditions
Sustainability and ethics come first for us. By producing close to home and knowing the shoemakers personally, we can be sure that we are not contributing to the environmental and social injustices of this world.
Army strength
Our factory in has a long tradition of manufacturing footwear for trekking, safety, and military use. Awarded with several quality certificates, the two uncompromised characteristics of our footwear are durability and comfort.
Innovative materials
KIRA-s are made of eco-labelled, recycled materials from Europe. We receive recycled tire tread, soft felt from plastic bottles and cotton from our Spanish friends. 
Circular initiative 
To eliminate waste from our economy completely, we encourage customers to send their old kiras back to us so we can recycle them at least once more. see project reborn

good things come to those who walk

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